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Elkos Group starts cooperation with JVC

ELkos Group & ETC, Indisputable Quality Leaders JVC joins other Top Brands in Elkos Group & ETC Tech category.

We signed a partnership agreement with Japan's largest TV Brand.
JVC is now part of the Elkos Group alongside other world-renowned technical brands as: Samsung, Sunny, Telefunken, Bosch, Tefal, Rowneta, Fakir, Midea, Sinbo, CNC, Tp Link etc.

Elkos Group - The largest importer of American products

Another great success for the giant "Elkos Group - ETC"! On 30.07.2019, the American Chamber of Commerce, on the occasion of its 15th anniversary and in the presence of the US Ambassador Philip Kosnett, awarded gratitude to the "Elkos Group" Company as the largest importer of American products in Kosovo.

Elkos has contributed to the strengthening of Kosovo-US relations, to the country's economic growth and job creation, and above all, in providing hope and opportunities for Kosovo's citizens.
The USA is the biggest friend of Kosovo, it is our challenge to maintain good relations and cooperate, so for the company ELKOS Group this was a special acknowledgment.

Elkos Group - ETC supports the event of the Queen of Great Britain

Elkos Group & ETC, on 14.06.2019 was invited to an evening organized at the Emerald Hotel by the British Embassy in Kosovo for the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. It is crucial for Kosovo to maintain good contacts and connections with all who provided us help in our most difficult moments.
Great Britain was always alongside Kosovo in the most important processes towards state-building.

Elkos Group & ETC was among the sponsors of this event and always supports such events and activities related to the progress and upgrading of the state reputation. The British Ambassador in Kosovo Ruairi O'Connell heartily thanked our company Elkos Group for supporting this event.
The evening was attended by ambassadors, diplomats, government officials, civil society members and business representatives.

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We are currently present with about 90 International well-known Brands from different countries all over the world.